Our People

We are the “expert craftsman”  crafting and creating adventures that will immerse you in the very depths of Africa.

As Africa’s children we treasure this continent fiercely, we are passionate about conservation at all levels and partnerships with the communities that live around these areas.

Safaris are deeply seated in our culture and in our roots, we would feel privileged to share “our Africa” with you.

Our team offers you unrivaled knowledge, with over 35 years of experience we understand the rich ancient spirit and diversity of this land and the peoples and wildlife which inhabit it. Come and feel the heartbeat.

Meet the Team


Tamsin is the founder, inspiration and driving force behind African Territories. With over 35 years of experience managing safari lodges, camps and running safaris, she is well placed and has a firm understanding of East Africa. Tamsin, born & raised in Kenya has a deep love for this part of the world, and is an honorary game warden in her own right. Deeply passionate about conservation, she works hard at making sure communities benefit from tourism and wildlife.


Chris is one of the leading guides in East Africa. An old safari veteran he has unrivalled knowledge of wildlife, flora and fauna. Chris’s love and knowledge of the wild is an inspiration to many. Chris has been the main guide for cheetah’s on the last 6 Big Cat Diary’s documentaries, as well BBC’s “the Truth about Lions’’, Walt Disney’s Africa Cats and other documentaries such as Human Planet. A brilliant photographer himself, Chris enjoys sharing his knowledge with his guests.


Having always dreamed of working in the ‘safari world’ Petrea has been at New African Territories for three years. Based in the Nairobi office, she is responsible for creating the marketing material for the properties, keeping us up to date and current. Apart from getting out there in the bush, her favorite part of the job is helping Tamsin create the wonderful, incredible safaris showcasing this wonderful region and visiting our amazing properties all over the country!


Rhoda has been with New African Territories for over eight years, handling the reservations for Serian Serengeti camps, she has been instrumental in putting together fantastic safaris across the Tanzanian safari route. Living locally with her family, Rhoda loves any opportunity to take her daughter on safari and exploring the wild outdoors!


With years of experience in the safari business, Siema is the perfect addition to the team. He is responsible for the all the ground handling aspects of our safaris and bookings. Siema has an excellent eye for detail, allowing for a stress free bookings and safaris! Siema has completed a guide training course and he loves getting out into the bush.


Ruth, the newest member of the team has taken over the Alex Walker Serian Mara desk (Serian ‘The Original’, Ngare Serian and Nkorombo). With a passion for creating ‘once in a life time’ safari experiences and memories Ruth has a keen eye to ensure all your safari dreams come true whilst staying at Serian. Living in Nairobi with her family, Ruth loves any opportunity to escape the city and explore Kenya.


Working for African Territories for the last six years Lucy has much experience in how the ‘safari world’ works. Initially responsible for ground handling for itineraries she has risen up the ranks and is now responsible for bookings of Speke’s Camp in the Mara and Maasai Trails in the Loita Hills.