Our People

We are the “expert craftsman”  crafting and creating adventures that will immerse you in the very depths of Africa.

As Africa’s children we treasure this continent fiercely, we are passionate about conservation at all levels and partnerships with the communities that live around these areas.

Safaris are deeply seated in our culture and in our roots, we would feel privileged to share “our Africa” with you.

Our team offers you unrivaled knowledge, with over 35 years of experience we understand the rich ancient spirit and diversity of this land and the peoples and wildlife which inhabit it. Come and feel the heartbeat.

Meet the Team

    Tamsin Corcoran
    Managing Director

    Tamsin is the founder, inspiration and driving force behind NAT. With over 35 years of experience managing safari lodges, camps and running safaris, she is well placed and has a firm understanding of the business. Tamsin, born & raised in Kenya has a deep love for East Africa. She is deeply passionate about conservation, and works hard at making sure communities benefit from tourism and wildlife.

    Chris Brennan

    Chris Brennan, an old safari hand & wildlife film veteran, who’s love and knowledge of the wild is an inspiration to many. Chris, a seasoned wildlife expert ,has been the main guide for cheetah’s on the last 6 Big Cat Diary’s documentaries, as well BBC’s “the Truth about Lions’’, Walt Disney’s Africa Cats and other documentaries such as Human Planet. A brilliant photographer himself, Chris enjoys sharing his knowledge with his guests and ensuring they get the best out of their safari shots.

    Nancy Okeyo

    Nancy has worked with New African Territories since 2010. She handles reservations for Alex Walker Serian Kenya camps. Nancy coordinates travel arrangements for guests.

    Rhoda Muriithi

    Rhoda has worked for in reservations for New African Territories for eight years. She lives in Kajiado County with her family. Rhoda enjoys the outdoors and going for safaris, particularly with her young daughter.

    Janet Naule

    Janet has worked with New African Territories for five years. She handles reservations for Sabuk Lodge, Speke’s Camp, Jan’s Camp / Masai Trails and Ololo Lodge. She enjoys the outdoors and being in the ‘wild’.

    Ruth Thumbi

    Ruth has worked for New African Territories for six years as a reservations consultant. My duties are communicating with tour operators, liaising with clients and lodges/camps. Ruth has over 15 years work experience in the hospitality industry.

    Petrea Harries

    Having always dreamed of working in the ‘safari world’ Petrea has been at New African Territories for over a year. Based in the Nairobi office, she is responsible for creating the marketing material for the properties, keeping us up to date and current. Apart from getting out there in the bush, her favorite part of the job is helping Tamsin create the wonderful, incredible safaris showcasing this wonderful region.

    Siema Edward

    With years of experience in the safari business, Siema is the perfect addition to the team. He responsible for the all the ground handling aspects of our safaris and bookings. Siema has an excellent eye for detail, allowing for a stress free bookings and safaris! He is very much involved in the planning and execution of our trips. Siema has completed a guide training course and he loves getting out into the bush too, whenever the chance presents itself.

    Craig & Joanne Chapman
    Ololo Owners

    ‘Hailing from the far away shores of Australia, Craig and Joanne Chapman are the owners and managers of Ololo. Perfect for the role of hosts with their affable and charismatic charm, they make staying at Ololo feel like home. Craig’s farming background has led to the creation of an enviable organic ‘shamba’.

    Alex Walker
    Serian Owner

    Alex Walker founder & creator of Alex Walker’s Serian Camps, defining the ”real safari” experience in the top wildlife destinations in East Africa. He spent his childhood with his father’s trackers, scouting the bush of Southern Tanzania, Kenya and the vast wilderness of Southern Sudan. With over 25 years’ experience guiding and outfitting safaris throughout East Africa.

    Gerard Ambrose
    Serian Manager

    His decades in the business have comprised of time with Norman Carr, Kerr & Downey, and Robin Hurt Safaris. He now works full-time with us in our Serengeti camps, lending his experience and expertise to the smooth running of our fleet of vehicles, and the training and mentorship of our guides.

    Roisin & Adrian Allen
    Serian Managers

    Adrian and Roisin Allen, a newly married dynamic duo , both born and brought up in Kenya. They are currently managing Serian, Ngare Serian and Nkorombo, and have wrought out their home in the heart of the Mara North Conservancy. Adrian is an experienced walking guide. They have been managing Serian camps for the past 5 years.